Deep knowledge of cousin Laptley
Billy pulls Willy out of the shower to show him a copy of the petrified wood, which makes the brother unhappy: after all, you can take him off from business…

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Donald Duck. History 1930-1940
The solution appeared in the form of the animated series of Silly Symphonies from Walt. Donald first appeared in The Wise Chicken on June 9, 1934, although he is mentioned…

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Beginning of the Mickey Mouse era
After the loss of Oswald, Disney had no choice but to come up with a new star for his cartoons. So the famous mouse Mickey Mouse was born (“Mortimer Mouse…

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Pluto (English Pluto) – an animated character who became famous in a series of short cartoons by Walt Disney Studios. Most often, he appears on screens as Mickey Mouse’s pet dog.

Pluto looks like a yellow-orange dog. He has black ears and a tail. Usually he wears a red or green collar.

Pluto is a really well trained dog. He has enough considerations to get out of a difficult situation. He acts as an assistant to Mickey, a best friend, and sometimes even a conscience in some cases. Pluto is extremely devoted, but sometimes he can argue even with the master.

Mickey: Once Upon a Christmas

Pluto in Mickey: Once Upon a Christmas Day.

in Mickey: Once before Christmas, Pluto appears in the last segment as a faithful dog and colleague of Mickey. Pluto helps Mickey make enough money to buy Minnie a chain for her watch. When their boss Pete fires them and takes his money, Pluto tries to find a way to help Mickey get more money. Mickey and Pluto end up performing at a charity, and after the performance, Mickey realizes that he can exchange his harmonica for a chain. The owner claims that a harmonica does not cost much, and when he hears Mickey’s sad melody on the harmonica, he changes his mind. Pluto and Mickey return to Minnie’s house, where they give him a gift-bone.

Mickey: And again before Christmas
Pluto appears in the last segment in the computer-animated sequel to Mickey: And again at Christmas. Mickey very pompously decorates his house, and Pluto wants to put a star on top of the tree. But Mickey does not allow him. However, while Mickey talks to Minnie (who doesn’t like the hype), Pluto tries to put a star. Mickey notices him and shouts, which is why Pluto falls and spills a punch on the electronics. Because of all this, everything in Mickey’s house breaks, and in the city the light disappears. Angry Mickey sets off for new jewelry, yelling at Pluto.

Pluto is hiding in a booth, but Mickey also yells at him with a photo. Leaving the collar, Pluto runs away.

Three Musketeers. Mickey, Donald, Goofy

Pluto’s Three Musketeers. Mickey, Donald, Goofy.

Pluto can also be seen in the cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit from 1988. He is seen at the end of the film along with Mickey, Minnie, and other cartoon characters hurrying to see what happened to the villain who was trying to destroy their house.

Mouse Factory
Pluto periodically appeared in parodies live along with other costumed characters and celebrities.

All About Mickey Mouse

Pluto’s All About Mickey Mouse.

Pluto appears as the main character in the animated series “All About Mickey Mouse”, once again appearing as a faithful doggie of Mickey Mouse. The recurring segment was the mini-episodes of “Pluto Brings a Newspaper”, where he is asked to bring a newspaper for Mickey, but always gets into trouble. In addition, Pluto also has its own cartoons, surviving the classic Walt Disney cartoons, using an expression to tell an entertaining story

Mouse house

Pluto in the Mouse House.

Pluto reappears in the Mouse House series as an official club mascot. Despite the fact that Pluto is separate from the main actor, in most episodes he usually appears only in a cameo, not spinning around him. A noteworthy episode with his participation is “Pluto Saves the Day,” in which Pluto feels underestimated and becomes a hero after Pete poisons everyone with a witch, a poisoned apple. In another episode of Pluto vs. Figaro, Pluto needed an assistant, Figaro, Minnie’s kitten, after Minnie thinks Pluto works too much. Pluto also appears in Mickey’s Magic Christmas, where he tries to help Donald enter the Christmas spirit. . In the movie “House of Villains. Mouse House” Pluto is visible only in one of the animated films “Mickey Mouse”, included in the film “All About Mickey Mouse”, but not in any of the transition sequences or any other episodes

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Pluto has also been shown as the domestic dog of Donald Duck and Goofy in some cases.
Pluto once said in his career, “Kiss Me” on an elk hunt. He also had one phrase that he said after that … – on Pluto the battleship, Mickey and the seal.
As Sora becomes friends with Donald and Goofy, and Riku becomes friends with King Mickey, Pluto can be a Disney friend to the original character, Cairo, in Kingdom Hearts II, as he holds her company during her capture in a world that never happened.
According to the interview, which is complementary to the three doctors DVD, Pluto was supposed to be namesake for the doctor, who is a K9 character, but Walt Disney’s company would not allow this.

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