Meet the adventures!
A seagull flies over the Daxburg harbor, where fishermen go downstairs, they drive away an annoying bird. Donald Duck is going for a job interview. He wants to put on…

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Why the prosecutor's office, the court and the Justice Ministry recorded the Disney character in the Nazis: Society: Russia
Why the prosecutor's office, the court and the Justice Ministry recorded the Disney character in the Nazis Last week, a court in the city of Seversk in the Tomsk Region…

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Last crash of Meteor
The whole family collects things on the next trip, in which everyone pursues his own goals: Scrooge wants to find another rare artifact - fulfilling wishes of Maltese McGuffin, Kluvdia…

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McTain estates McDuck

“McTain at McDuck Manor” (Eng. McMystery at McDuck Manor / Template: Countries “McDuck and MacPrizrak”) – the eleventh episode of the first season. Scrooge has a birthday, and the nephews decide to organize a real holiday, but at the height of the party, the birthday boy suddenly disappears. All doors from the room are locked. The brothers have to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Scrooge, because each guest has a motive.

A mass escape is planned from the mansion: Mrs. Cluvdia and Ponochka collect things, and Donald sweeps past them, jumps out into the street and leaves. The brothers are at a loss, then Ponka explains to them that Scrooge has a birthday that he hates and does not want to celebrate. Billy immediately lights up to arrange a grand holiday for his uncle and make a plan of festivals.

Willy was appointed DJ and is now distracted only by DJ Duck, and Dilly is responsible for the list of guests and the guests invited by them look very suspicious. Dissatisfied Scrooge sits pouting and no attempt to cheer him. Billy convenes an emergency council, he expresses doubts about the guests invited by Dilly. The brothers come up with a new plan for the birthday party entertainment. The invited Dark Mage enters the scene, the wizard invites Scrooge for the number and locks him in a magic box, preparing to execute the number with the disappearance. Suddenly, the light goes out in the living room, after a few minutes it turns on again, the drawer falls apart, and everyone sees that the birthday boy has disappeared. All the doors to the room are locked, so no one.

Billy decides to investigate, find the attacker and return Scrooge. All the doors are locked, so no one could go out and go in, which means the kidnapper is in the room. The brothers recall that they heard the sound of the camera, on this trail they go to Mark Kluvs, but he denies his involvement in the disappearance of McDuck, he only wanted to sabotage him. Alternately, Billy reveals the identities of the other “guests”, they are Mommy Gavs, Flinthart Glomgold. Dilly somehow managed to invite all the enemies of Scrooge to his holiday. In the end, the Dark Mage reveals his identity: in fact, he is also the Gavs and wants to impress Ma to prove that his training in magic was not in vain.

It seemed the culprit was found, but at this moment the Demon appears, he throws all the enemies of Scrooge out of the house, and the ducklings also have to flee. They manage to break away from the ghost, and it comes to Bill who actually set up this abduction and why. The brothers find the secret control room of the estate security system. behind the console of which the missing Scrooge is sitting and having fun from the heart. He played this show to play his nephews and teach his enemies a lesson. He revealed the secret of his disappearance and told the role played by his faithful servant Duckworth, who can take the form of a Demon when anger seizes him.

At the end of the series, Duckworth meets returning Ponochka and Mrs. Cluvdia, which the maid is not very happy about.

The main
Scrooge McDuck
Billy duck
Willie duck
Flintheart Glomgold
Milf haws
Mark cluvs
Dark mage haws
Donald Duck
Little Vanderkryak
Mrs. Cluvdia
Interesting Facts
The series refers to the detectives of Agatha Christie, she is the first in the genre of detective.
First appearance in this episode of Duckworth Butler.
Duckworth’s ability to turn into a Demon refers to the movie The Phantom Racer, where Johnny Blaze also turned into a demon with burning eyes.
In this series, all the main enemies of Scrooge gather.
Willy’s helmet is a reference to the Watch Dogs 2 game, to the Stretch character, who wears a similar mask that can express emotions.

Series Information
22:30 minutes

release date
March 29, 2018 (USA)

product code
Product Information
Director (s)
John Aoshima
Dana Terrace
Frank Angones
Jan Janberg

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