Deep knowledge of cousin Laptley
Billy pulls Willy out of the shower to show him a copy of the petrified wood, which makes the brother unhappy: after all, you can take him off from business…

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When at the end of 1929 the young Walt Disney (1901–1966) was offered to create a comic book based on his short animated films about a mouse, the artist was…

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Clumsy, unintelligent, infantile, and truly stupid are just a few of the words that goofy can describe. But despite all this, he is extremely kind and caring. Mickey and Donald…

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Spear of Selena

“Spear of Selena” (English Spear of Salene) – 12 episode 1 of the season of the animated series. In this series, Willie and Ponochka continue to search for information about Della Duck. Together with Scrooge and the rest, they arrive on the island of the gods of Itakryak. And Donald and Scrooge meet old friends and enemies.

The Meteor enters a thunderstorm on the way to Itakryak and as a result of a breakdown adjusted by Willie falls on the island. Children immediately intend to escape to explore the area, but adults insist that they stay on the plane. Donald catches Billy with Dilly and returns on board, but Willie and Ponochka manage to escape. The remaining team was met by Zhurakl and Zeus, the latter was dissatisfied with the appearance of Scrooge, since, in his opinion, he scoured all the tourists from the island. The company leaves, leaving Zigzag to deal with the cause of the aircraft crash.

At this time, Willy and Ponochka are sent to the Temple of Heroes, where treasures of Greek heroes and gods are stored. They intend to find clues here about the mother of the triplets and talk with Selena. Willie does not want to believe that his mother could betray Scrooge. The temple is filled with many traps that the children overcome, and has many halls, so they have to stray for a long time. By mistake, they come to the hall of Poseidon and encounter the Monster Fish, guarding the spear of Poseidon and eager to eat ducklings. Fortunately, the misunderstanding was settled: the monster kindly showed the children the way to Selena’s hall, and Willie apologizes for harsh words about the monster.

And on the shore, Zeus, eager for a revenge on Scrooge, starts a contest. Zhurakl and the Scrooge team have to compete in various trials, from discus to taming the bag of winds, and each time Scrooge won. Zhurakl sincerely considers Donald the best friend and hero, he asks him about Dell, but he evades the answer. Meanwhile, the insidious Zeus has prepared a new test – to defeat the girl-siren. Her singing mesmerizes Zhurakla, forcing him to attack Scrooge with her children, Donald hears the screams and comes to the rescue. While he distracts Zhurakl’s attention on himself, Dilly, thanks to his eloquence, convinces Serena to stop singing. Crane comes to his senses, and Scrooge offers Zeus the last competition, where they will oppose each other.

Willie and Ponka finally find the entrance to the Selena Hall, they open the door, but suddenly Willy changes his mind and does not let Ponochka enter, the scuffle begins. Later, the reason for his act becomes clear: Willy is afraid to find out that Della’s betrayal may turn out to be true, Ponochka understands him and is ready to step back and leave this secret, but at the last moment the young man changes his mind and together with Ponka manages to slip into the closing passage at the last moment. In the hall, the guys are met by Selena – the goddess of the moon and Della’s friend. She admits that she never owned the Spear of Selena and develops all children’s suspicions of betrayal. As a souvenir, Selena gives Willy Sphere with memories of his mother, as a reminder of the goal to which he is going.

Researchers return to shore, where the ball game is in full swing. Scrooge succumbs and deliberately loses so that Zeus finally calms down. The god of thunder revels in his own victory, on joys he removes the protective field surrounding the island. However, Willy accidentally drops the Sphere, and she knocks the ball of Zeus from the center of the circle. Travelers quickly move away from the newly angry Zeus and see that Zigzag, in search of damage, completely dismantled the plane.

The main
Scrooge McDuck
Billy duck
Willie duck
Dilly duck
Little Vanderkryak
Zigzag McCrack
Della Duck (flashback)
Cephalopod monster fish
Interesting Facts
The series is a parody of Greek mythology.

Series Information
22:30 minutes

release date
May 4, 2018 (USA)

product code
Product Information
Director (s)
John Aoshima
Dana Terrace

Frank Angones
Met Janberg

Dominic Lewis

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