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A selection of interesting facts about Donald Duck

This year, an angry drake celebrated its 82nd birthday, and in honor of this we have collected little-known but interesting facts from his biography.

June 9, 1934 began the story of one of the brightest animated characters of Disney – Donald Duck. Conceived as a white duck in a sailor suit, he first appeared in the cartoon “Little Wise Chicken.” Unlike Mickey Mouse, who was what everyone of us would like to become, Donald Duck became a reflection of every person. It is far from ideal, it has a lot of negative features: hot-tempered, egocentric, demonstrative, but still very cute. You could say that he balances Mickey like Yin and Yang. With the exception of Goofy, Donald Duck is arguably the most unlucky hero of all Disney’s classic characters. This is illustrated by the number of his car – 313.

Donald has a middle name
Donald Duck
Like any self-respecting American, Donald has a double name
Thanks to the cartoon Donald in the Service, released in 1942, we learn that Donald Duck is an incomplete name. It turns out that Donald’s middle name is Fontleroy, which may be a reference to the children’s novel “Little Lord Fontleroy.” This is evidenced by the fact that the main character of the work dressed in the uniform of a sailor and wore a large bow. Isn’t it, very much like Donald?

Once Duck was a Nazi
Donald Duck Nazi
Fortunately just a dream
In 1943, Donald Duck was shown in a short film entitled “The Face of the Fuhrer,” although the original name was “Donald Duck in the Land of the Nazis.”

In it, he looked like a Nazi, but did not really enjoy his position. His breakfast consisted of a stale piece of bread and coffee brewed from one bean. The hero, with all his might, to the point of exhaustion, makes shells at the factory, and he hallucinates with this.

It turns out that all this was just a dream, and he wakes up in his bed, happy that he is in the USA. The film ends with Donald throwing a tomato in the face of Hitler.

The propaganda short film even won an award from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This Oscar was the only one in the collection of Donald.

He was banned
Donald at war
Donald — a frequent character in propaganda cartoons
The Führer’s Face was not the only propaganda cartoon featuring Donald during World War II. He has appeared in many other animated films such as The Spirit of the 43rd, Fighting Spirit, and Donald in Service. For these reasons, short films about Donald Duck were banned from being imported into occupied Europe.

He has a sister
Family Tree of Dac
We don’t know much about his tree
We all know about the nephews of Donald Duck – Huey, Dewey and Louis (in the Russian translation they became Billy, Willie and Dilly). But have you ever wondered who their parents are?

The mischievous ducklings are the sons of Della (Dambella) Duck, the twin sister of Donald. Dumbella works as an astronaut and leaves children with Donald during space flights.

However, it is not known who the father of the ducklings is, because according to the comic, they live with Donald while their dad is in the hospital. And they sent him there, throwing firecrackers under a chair.

The drake has a rich filmography
Donald and Mickey go nostril to nostril
How to overtake Mickey in the movies? Ask Donald!
In total, Donald appeared in seven feature films. This result is higher than any other Disney character.

According to the IMDB database, Donald starred in more than 224 films … For comparison: Mickey Mouse “lit up” in 201 tapes.

Only 2 people voiced it
Clarence Nash and Donald Duck
Clarence Nash was the first voice drake
You might think that for such a long period of existence of a character, many people gave him his voice. But actually two were grunting for Donald.

Clarence Nash was the first person to play the drake. Walt Disney himself, creating Duck, was thinking about Clarence. Nash voiced Donald until the 80s, until he brought up Tony Anselmo as a replacement. Anselmo voices Donald to this day.

Donald hosted the Academy Awards
Donald Duck Star on the Walk of Fame
Not every actor can boast a place on the Walk of Fame
Donald Duck didn’t just get an Oscar, he hosted the show in 1958 with James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, David Niven, Rosalind Russell and Bob Hope.

Of course, it was animated and projected onto the screen behind the live hosts, but this only added spectacularity to the view.

Disney hero has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was added in 2004.

Girlfriend was not always called Daisy
Daisy and donald
Daisy, Donna … Who cares!
For the first time on the screen, Donald’s love appeared in 1940 in the animated film “Mr. Duck goes on a date.” It is curious that in 1937 in the short film Don Donald there was already a passion for the drake – Donna’s white duck. It can be argued that Donna was a different character. At the same time, representatives of Disney Studios have repeatedly stated that Donald always had only Daisy. They know better.

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