Minnie Mouse
“God, Minnie, you have always been a princess for me” -Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse is a fictional character created in 1928 by Walt Disney. Minnie is an anthropomorphic mouse. She…

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House of the Lucky Gusak
Scrooge McDuck and his family are heading to the Temple of the Golden Cricket, on the way he agreed to drop in to Macau to Gladstone, who appealed to Donald…

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Meet the adventures!
A seagull flies over the Daxburg harbor, where fishermen go downstairs, they drive away an annoying bird. Donald Duck is going for a job interview. He wants to put on…

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Della duck

Della, Scrooge and Donald traveled the globe in search of adventure. Shortly before the birth of the sons of Della, it was decided to explore the depths of the vast space. Donald and Della quarreled a lot about this, because soon the children were to be born, then Scrooge secretly built a rocket from everyone – the Spear of Selena, he wanted to give a surprise to the triplets birthday, but Della found a gift earlier than it should have been. Della Duck would not be herself if she had not immediately gone to conquer space – she took the rocket and flew away. Along the way, she fell into a cosmic storm, Scrooge understood that Della was the only one who could go through it and supervise the flight, but did not order her to return. Della broke through the storm, but the signal began to interrupt, Della and the rocket disappeared without a trace. It was then that Scrooge and Donald severed all relations.

Scrooge makes no attempt to find Della: for almost all his money he built many rockets, but everything turned out to be in vain. The board of directors, seeing that protracted searches are increasing costs, cover up the search program.

1 season
“Towards adventure!”
After returning from Atlantis during the cleaning, Willie accidentally finds a picture in which she sees her mother Della, along with Donald and Scrooge, fighting a pirate on a ship. From this moment on, he is eager to find out what happened to her.

“The pursuit of the coveted coin”
In search of answers to questions, Willy turns for help to Ponochka, who, it turns out, collects information about the Dacian family, but all her attempts to find out at least something failed. They join forces for searches and are sent to the McDuck archives. Using the hints of the arch-keeper Kryakfaster, the children gain access to the secret information dedicated to Della Duck and find a note with the words: “Scrooge, I took the spear of Selena, I’m sorry!”. It turns out that before the disappearance, Della took a spear of Selena with her from Scrooge McDuck. The guys suspect Della of betrayal and decide not to tell others about their find until they get to the bottom of the truth.

“Spear of Selena”
A Zigzag plane crashes on the island of Istryak. Willie and Ponochka are only at hand: under the pretext of exploring the island, they run away and go to the Temple of Heroes in search of a spear. Having strayed around the temple, they find the right room and open the passage. However, a scuffle ensues between ducklings: Willy is ready to retreat, fearing that his mother will really be a traitor and will not let her partner pass, but when Ponochka is ready to give in to him, he abruptly changes his mind and at the last moment before closing the aisle slip through with her into the room where Selena’s spear could be kept. There they meet the goddess Selena. She recognizes the son of Della in Willy and tells him that she never had a spear, and Della would never betray the family, but was always the soul of the company and saw only good things in others. Selena gives Willy the Sphere as a reminder of his task and his mother, and Ponochka suggests that Selena’s spear may not be called an artifact, but another object.

“Secret (s) of the MacDuck Castle”
At the beginning of the series, Willy looks through the Scope of memories of Della, after which he is interrupted by Ponochka. She asks why he still hasn’t told his brothers about his mother, which Willy says is vague about not starting a panic from scratch, even if it’s not known what exactly is called “Spear of Selena”.

At McDuck Castle, Willie tries to find clues about Della Duck, as a result of which he, Billy and Dilly find a secret passage in the wall.

In one of the crypts of the dungeon they find a bag with things in which Della’s cloak lay. At this time, the triplets are attacked by the Demonic Dog. They barricaded the entrance to the crypt, but it turned out that Willy had been hiding his investigation from his brothers all this time. They quarrel, but subsequently reconcile and unite against the dog. After that, they completely dismantled the bag from the crypt and found out that all sorts of rebuses, catacombs and a dog were just a Donald Duck prank that their mother invented.

“The Last Crash of the Meteor”
Scrooge finally tells the truth about Della and Spear of Selena. The spear is a spaceship built for space exploration. Scrooge wanted to give it to Delle in honor of the birth of the triplets, but the expectant mother discovered the rocket earlier, she took the ship, leaving a short note. On the way, the brave pilot fell into a space storm, Scrooge understood that she was the only one who could overcome it and gave instructions, but the signal began to disappear and in the end the missile disappeared from the radar. Scrooge spared no effort and resources to search for Della, but the search was in vain.

“War of the Shadows (Part 1): The Dark Hour of De Hypnosis!”
Mrs. Cluvdia tells the angry boys that Scrooge did not spare money in search of their mother and nearly went bankrupt. The story acts on them, and the brothers thaw. Finally they are persuaded by Donald, who does not want the family to remain further fragmented.

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