Della duck
Della, Scrooge and Donald traveled the globe in search of adventure. Shortly before the birth of the sons of Della, it was decided to explore the depths of the vast…

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Willie duck
Wilford "Willy" Duck (Eng. Dewey Duck) - granddaughter of Scrooge MacDuck, twin brother of Billy and Dilly. One of the main characters in the animated series Duck Tales. Appearance Willie…

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Ill-fated excursion
"Unfortunate excursion" (Eng. Daytrip of Doom) - the second episode of the animated series "Duck Tales" was released on September 23, 2017 in the United States. The twins decide to…

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Lina (born Lena) – a shadow that has taken on the appearance of a teenage girl and formed after the imprisonment of Magica De Hypnosis in the First coin of Scrooge, is her spy and stores magical powers. Friends with Ponochka, and later with Billy, Willie and Dilly.

Before the events of the series
Fifteen years ago, at the battle of Mount Vesuvius, Magica De Hypnosis was defeated – Scrooge imprisoned her in his talisman coin. From the sorceress only a shadow remained, from which a spy was born, who took the form of a teenage girl named Lina. The staff of Magick was transformed into a Magic locket, which the spy had to protect, carrying with him. The subsequent life of Lina is covered in darkness. According to her, it can be concluded that at first she wandered around the world: she was in Paris, went to concerts and had fun. It is known that she tried to enter several schools, but failed. After that, the girl settled in Duckburg.

1 season
“Birthday in the spirit of the Gavs”
Lina entertained herself by playing a note in bottles when Ponochka came to her rescue, who received a call for help in bottles. So the girls met, and Lina invited a new friend to go to the party. The party was at the Landfill, and it turned out that no one invited Lina, so the girls had to make their way quietly. The holiday turned out to be the birthday of Mom Gavs, and the Landfill was teeming with Gavs. Nekstati Ponochka was recognized, but Lina launched Masha in the face with a birthday cake, and the girls managed to escape. The haws opened a hunt for them, so the friends had to break away from the chase. They managed to hide in a warehouse, but the exit was blocked by the Slack Gavs. Lina tried unsuccessfully to deceive them, until Ponochka arrived to help. The girls were able to find a common language. At the playground, Ponochka talks about brothers about whom Lina is not of the best opinion, since they left Ponochka alone on the beach.

Just at that time, bushes rustled and Billy, Willie and Dilly jump out onto the site. Lina rushes at the latter, but realizing a mistake he lets him go. She chokes brothers for a long absence, but the sudden appearance of the Circus performers interrupts the argument. The children take refuge inside the slide, and Lina offers Ponochka to abandon the brothers, who once again clung to each other, but the girlfriend does not agree. She calms the brothers and they come up with a plan. However, Lina disappears. It turns out later that she was abducted. She sends a note in a bottle, and Ponochka rushes to the rescue, but also comes across with the boys. The girls come up with an escape plan: Lina provokes the Gavs brothers to a fight with a question, and to the noise of the fight, the friends manage to free themselves, release the triplets and escape.

At the mansion, Lina says goodbye to the company and then returns to her home in the Abandoned Theater. There she calls up Magick.

The Terrible Terra Firmians
Together with the Dacov family, Lina leaves the cinema after watching a film under the supervision of Mrs. Cluvdia. The guys are discussing the film, but Billy does not believe in its realism, nor in Terra Firman, a dispute ensues with Ponochka. Lina offers to scout everything by herself and under the commotion that Zigzag made, the trinity escapes into the subway. There the guys penetrate into the abandoned tunnels and find an abandoned train. When Kluvdia and the others find the fugitives, Lina, under the supervision of a maid, goes to unhook the stuck car from the main train. The girl is in no hurry to help, as Mrs. Cluvdia forbade her to communicate with Ponochka. After some time, Lina nevertheless decides to help and with the help of a crowbar together she manages to disengage the coupler. They barely manage to catch the train when they notice the chase.

The train crashes, Lina escaped with a slight fright, but Cluvdia was crushed by a crumpled car. The girl without hesitation decides to pull her out. Magika tries to dissuade her niece, but she does not listen. She manages to pull the maid out from under the rubble before the car crashes back. Mrs. Cluvdia is confused, but the girl does not allow her to come to her senses and carries her to the head of the train, where they find the rest safe and sound. Together with the guys, Lina gets acquainted with the Terra-Firmians, they punch the way out for travelers. Before going upstairs, Kluvdiya apologizes to Lina, invites the girl to pancakes and allows her to see her granddaughter.

Lina, along with Donald, is waiting for the return of friends from another expedition. The returned Ponochka is very glad to her friend and calls her for an overnight stay. She even made friendship bracelets for herself and her friend. Before leaving, Lina, while no one sees, palms the Amulet to the treasures she has obtained and goes upstairs. Locked in the restroom, the girl reports to Magika about the completed assignment. The sorceress wants the assistant to take the plan more seriously, but Lina thinks more about having fun with her friend than about fulfilling the plan. Ponka offers to play pillow fight when the brothers run into the room, but the girls quickly drive them out, and then the boys decide to go to the Vault.

Lina and Ponochka are busy playing when excited Billy and Dilly burst into the room again, trying to explain something.

Brothers haws
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