Little Vanderkryak
Ponochka Vanderkryak (born Webbigail "Webby" Vanderquack) is the granddaughter of housekeeper Scrooge McDuck, Mrs. Cluvdia. She is one of the main characters in the animated series Duck Tales and a…

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To Atlantis and back
Flinthart Glomgold makes a presentation of his company Glomgold Industries for his new employees and gives them passes. Donald at this time talking on the phone with Scrooge, who at…

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The most dangerous Night ... of the Games!
Scrooge, along with his nephews and Ponka, fall into the ancient pyramid, their movement to the treasure is stopped by a deep hole. However, for Willy with Ponochka this is…

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Clumsy, unintelligent, infantile, and truly stupid are just a few of the words that goofy can describe. But despite all this, he is extremely kind and caring. Mickey and Donald sometimes find him annoying, but they still care about him and consider him a close friend.

Appearance description
Most often, his outfit depends on the cartoon. But his classic clothes: an orange sweater, blue pants, a black tank top, large brown boots and a green hat. The main thing in his appearance is two protruding teeth. On hands – “branded” white gloves.

Goofy had a characteristic low voice, originally provided by voice actor Pinto Colwig. Colwig first voiced the character from 1932 to 1938. When Colwig left Disney in 1938 to work on other projects, George Johnson voiced the character for a short period from 1939 to 1943. Colwig returned to Disney and resumed speaking to Goofy from 1940 to 1965 (Goofy’s Troubled Issues), but Colwig continued to voice Goofy several times until his death in 1967; Bob Jackman temporarily took Colwig’s place in the 1950s short cartoons, when Colwig was unavailable at the time. Stuart Buchanan voiced Goofy at The Mickey Mouse The Air. Jimmy MacDonald also voiced Goofy on the 1960s Disney album, Donald Duck and His Friends.

After Colwig’s death, he was voiced by Hal Smith, Will Ryan and Tony Paup. Since 1987, Goofy has been voiced by Bill Ferrer.

In the early 1950s, many cartoons have goofy with a normal human voice. A “regular” voice was also provided by Bob Jackman, but Goofy got his traditional voice after several cartoons.

Official description
Goofy is a real good man. Despite his awkwardness and frequent mistakes, he does not give up and always tries to complete the work he has begun. Because of the awkwardness of Goofy, others often suffer, but all of his shortcomings can be easily forgiven for the sincere love and care with which he surrounds loved ones (sometimes against their own will). With all its clumsiness, Goofy is an excellent athlete and an attentive father who alone copes with the upbringing of his teenage son.
1932 – 1934
Goofy first appeared in The Mickey Review, released May 25, 1932. Director Wilfred
Jackson, these are the short appearances of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Horace Horsekollara and Clarabel Cow and another dance show. It begins as a typical Mickey cartoon of the time, but what would separate it from everything that was before was the emergence of a new character whose behavior served as a running gag. Dippy Davng, as he was called by Disney artists, was a member of the audience. He constantly annoyed his associates with noisy crunchy peanuts and laughed out loud until two of those comrades knocked him out with their hammers (and then laughed just like him). This early version of Goofy had other differences from the later, more developed, in addition to the name. He was an old man with a white beard, a chubby tail and trousers, shorts or underwear. But Goofy’s short, penetrating laugh. This laugh was provided by Pinto Colvig. The famous Dippy Davang appeared in The Whoopee Party, first released on September 17, 1932, as an invited guest and friend of Mickey and his gang.
Dippy Davng made a total of four appearances in 1932 and two more in 1933, but most of them were particles. But according to his seventh appearance, in the “Refuge of the Orphan”, first released on August 11, 1934, he received the new name “Goofy” and became a permanent member of the gang along with new additions Donald Duck and Clara Clack.

Goofy first appeared in the 1932 short animated film The Mickey Revue, as well as in others.

The series “How …”
Goofy is the protagonist of the series “How …” (fishing, playing golf, etc.), not counting the voiceover that describes the action.

Mouse house
He is the chief officer. Sometimes he confuses orders, but everyone loves him.

Goofy and his team
Goofy with Max moves to Spoonerville’s hometown. There he settles in the neighborhood with Pete, which makes the latter very angry.

Mickey Mouse Club
He is a frequent visitor to the club. Helps Mickey and others to solve puzzles.

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