History of the Walt Disney Company
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House of the Lucky Gusak
Scrooge McDuck and his family are heading to the Temple of the Golden Cricket, on the way he agreed to drop in to Macau to Gladstone, who appealed to Donald…

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Minnie Mouse
“God, Minnie, you have always been a princess for me” -Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse is a fictional character created in 1928 by Walt Disney. Minnie is an anthropomorphic mouse. She…

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Brothers haws

The Gavs Brothers (in some cases, the Beagles Brothers; the English The Beagle Boys) are one of the main villains of the Scrooge McDuck cartoons.

The Havs brothers were invented by illustrator Karl Barks, who is best known as the “father” of Scrooge McDuck. They first appeared in issue No. 134 of Walt Disney Comics and History in November 1951. Then they were bred as secondary characters and did not have pronounced characters and differences from each other. In March 1952, in the comic strip Only a Poor Old Man, the brothers were first bred as one of the main characters in the story. In the future, they periodically appeared in comics in the role of enemies of Scrooge McDuck, dreaming of taking all his wealth into their own hands. The Gavs brothers from the villains of the Ducks stories most often appeared (not counting the mother, who herself appears twice less often than her sons). They also quite often help Scrooge’s main rival – that is, Flinthart Glomhold.


In the “Three Musketeers”

These are mainly dogs (which is played out in their surname). Brothers differ only in height, build and quick wit. So they all wear the same clothes – red jackets with serial numbers, blue pants, brown boots and green caps. There are black masks on their faces. In the new series of restarting Duck Tales, all the haws wear different clothes and have different abilities. For example, 3 brothers wear one clothing and have one ability, and the other three wear different clothes that are the same and have the same ability, etc., etc. For example: a trio of originals (wear the same clothes as in old duck stories only already none of them wears numbers, even the other brothers. They have no abilities). Sloppy haws (their clothes are the same as the originals)
Milagi haws

Haws circus performers

Hawsy deja vu

Longboarders haws

The haws-wicked

In general, they are typical villains, and they are also very greedy. They constantly think how to steal Scrooge’s money. True, there are special preferences: for example, the Glutton constantly thinks about food, and the Hipster constantly thinks about dancing.

Gang members
Mother Gavs is the head of this whole family. It is her brain and is constantly trying to rescue her children from prison.

The chef is the lowest of the brothers (along with Malyavka). It is the brain if not its mother. Most often, he comes up with an escape plan.

Glutton – as the name suggests, has an excessive appetite. Ready to eat anytime. He also constantly raises the topic of food.

Thug – is a gang fighter, second only to the Banker. He usually lacks one tooth.

Appearances Edit
Duck Stories Edit
Throughout the series, in some episodes with various evil intentions, this is mainly the theft of money from Scrooge McDuck.

Duck Tales (2017) Edit
Appear in the series “The Beagle Birthday Massacre” (4th series) and “Daytrip of Doom” (2nd series). In the second series, the whole Gavs family follows Willy, Dilly, Billy and Ponochka in the amusement park, and in the fourth, Ponochka and Lena get to the party in honor of the mother Gavs’s birthday, and after that they both try to hide from their entire family.

The Three Musketeers: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy Edit
Here they serve Pete. At first they try to remove the queen, but for this Pete throws out into the pit (not at all deep).

Cameo Edit
The Gavs Brothers appeared as a cameo in the episode 50 of the Black Cloak animated series, Walking with Blunt. Interestingly, they appeared along with Magica de Hypnosis and Flinthart Glomgold.

Also, sometimes they flash in the second season of the animated series “Crazy”.

Gallery Edit
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Interesting Facts Edit
Although the characters are obviously based on dogs, they are in no way reminiscent of the actual beagle breed.
They all have the same look: blue trousers, a pink jacket, a black mask, and a number plate (if you do not affect the restart of the Duck Tales)
Mother Gavs has a tattoo, a heart with an arrow. This has been shown in the Dowry series.
In restarting Duck Tales, milf Gavs looks much older than in the original series.

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