Donald Duck. History 1930-1940
The solution appeared in the form of the animated series of Silly Symphonies from Walt. Donald first appeared in The Wise Chicken on June 9, 1934, although he is mentioned…

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Ill-fated excursion
"Unfortunate excursion" (Eng. Daytrip of Doom) - the second episode of the animated series "Duck Tales" was released on September 23, 2017 in the United States. The twins decide to…

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Scrooge McDuck
"I am Scrooge McDuck, I achieved everything myself being the most persistent of the most persistent, the most intelligent of the most intelligent, the most cunning of the most cunning!…

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Jim Starling (born Jim Starling / in the dubbing Jim Drozdling) is a famous actor and TV star playing the Black Cloak in the old series. Subsequently becomes the real villain Anti-Cloak.

Return of the Duck Knight
Jim Starling was a famous star in the Black Cloak series; now he is signing autographs to his old fans at his presentation, where Zigzag and Willy have come. Zigzag faints all the time at the sight of his idol, so when he once again faints, Jim signs on his chin. Willie tells Starling that he is preparing to shoot a new film about the Black Cloak, and all three are sent to a film studio, which is – “Here is a surprise!” – owned by Scrooge McDuck. There, the company meets director Alistair Burswan, who demonstrates the trailer of the new film to those present. Jim intends to get the main role in the film, but Scrooge and Alistair have already managed to find a young actor for the role of the Black Cloak – Drake Mallard, who just appears on the threshold. Starling rushes to the poor fellow and starts a fight, but he is quickly expelled from the gates of the studio.

Then Jim builds with Zigzag a plan for entering the film studio: while Starling will distract the guards, Zigzag will make his way to the territory to neutralize Drake. Starling wears a Black Cloak suit and sets about distracting the guard. Hiding from the guard, Jim appears on the set, instead of Drake. No one notices the substitution until Drake himself appears in the image of the Black Cloak in the pavilion. The duel between the two rivals begins. Jim Starling begins to lose control of himself: he tries to cripple Drake by all means, then he turns on the installation of Megavolt to fry the competitor, but this does not stop the hero. Then Starling finally loses his mind from hatred, takes out a chainsaw, about to crush Drake to pieces, but Zigzag stops him.

Zigzag is trying to solve the problem with the world, jy says a long monologue and does not notice that the overheated installation is about to explode. Jim and Drake try to draw his attention to the impending danger and the two of them jump to Zigzag. Jim pushes Zigzag just in time: a monstrous explosion occurs and Starling disappears.

Starling managed to get into the sewers. The paint from his suit begins to flow, revealing red-yellow colors. An ominous laugh from the Anti-Cloak echoes through the sewers, and the villain lurks in the dark.

Jim has a taut, slim figure. He is dressed in a sea-green sweater and a lilac jacket. In the image of the Black Cloak, his suit consists of a dark gray wide-brimmed hat, a purple coat, belted with a black belt around the waist and a dark cape with a bright pink lining. Having become an Anti-cloak, his suit acquires a bright red-yellow style.

Jim Starling loves everyone’s attention and fame. He successfully performed the role of a noble hero and crime fighter in the series. However, with the decline of his popularity and the fact that he is unknown to the new generation, his character begins to change. He will do anything just to regain his former fame, and when the young actor Drake Mallard comes to hand with his role in the new film, Starling is ready to go to extreme measures to eliminate his competitor. In the end, Jim finally loses his mind becomes blinded by hatred, and is seriously trying, if not to kill, then seriously cripple.

Nevertheless, he is still able to save Zigzag when he is in danger. With strangers, although he is polite, sometimes pride and vanity can be traced in him.

Zigzag McCrack
Jim doesn’t really value his fans, like Zigzag in particular. They do not meet for the first time, every time the Zigzag faints at the sight of an idol, which annoys the star. When a newcomer takes his place in the Black Cloak movie, Starling joins forces with Zigzag to pull his competitor out of the game. At this moment, they act as a team. As Jim becomes more manic and violent, irritation returns to him. He speaks rudely with Zigzag, without hesitating to deceive him, and calls him a club. Nevertheless, he realizes that Zigzag is his big fan and therefore saves his life.

Drake Mallard
As soon as Starling hears that the main role of the Black Cloak is given to Drake, he will hate him. First, Jim rushes at him with his fists for which he will be expelled from the gates of the studio, and then Drake tells Zigzag that his idol is trying to kill him. The desire to get rid of a competitor and regain fame makes Jim Starling more crazy and insane. He locks Drake in the closet with the guards, while crippling his door. On the set of the final battle, his hatred finally gets out of control, he tries to break Drake, and later even plans to kill him with a chainsaw, but, fortunately, Starling is stopped by Zigzag. Hiding in the sewers, it finally becomes a villain, and Drake Mallard is now his enemy.

Willie duck
Wilford "Willy" Duck (Eng. Dewey Duck) - granddaughter of Scrooge MacDuck, twin brother of Billy and Dilly. One of the main characters in the animated series Duck Tales. Appearance Willie…


History of the Walt Disney Company
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