Jim Starling (born Jim Starling / in the dubbing Jim Drozdling) is a famous actor and TV star playing the Black Cloak in the old series. Subsequently becomes the real…

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Last crash of Meteor
The whole family collects things on the next trip, in which everyone pursues his own goals: Scrooge wants to find another rare artifact - fulfilling wishes of Maltese McGuffin, Kluvdia…

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Why the prosecutor's office, the court and the Justice Ministry recorded the Disney character in the Nazis: Society: Russia
Why the prosecutor's office, the court and the Justice Ministry recorded the Disney character in the Nazis Last week, a court in the city of Seversk in the Tomsk Region…

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Little Vanderkryak

Ponochka Vanderkryak (born Webbigail “Webby” Vanderquack) is the granddaughter of housekeeper Scrooge McDuck, Mrs. Cluvdia. She is one of the main characters in the animated series Duck Tales and a friend of Billy, Willie and Dilly Ducks, as well as Lina.

Ponochka is a small white American Peking duck. She is about two feet tall. The feathers on her head are arranged like a “hare” hairstyle, and on the right are fixed with a pink bow. Almost always wears a pink shirt with upturned sleeves with a blue vest over it and a lilac skirt.

Ponochka is funny and overly curious, perhaps because her grandmother took care of her too much, even not allowing her to leave the McDuck mansion. For the same reason, she does not know many things that are so obvious to an ordinary child – she never went on a bus, and one of her dreams is to try a burger. Nevertheless, she easily makes new friends, albeit sometimes in a rather strange way. In games, Ponochka can get carried away, and therefore can be quite tough, as in the episode “Unfortunate Excursion”. Also, as shown in the series “Unfortunate excursion” and “Towards adventure!” she absolutely does not know how to lie, although in the episode “Birthday in the spirit of the Gavs,” the duck cleverly and fairly easily walks the Gavs brothers around the finger.

Willie duck
As with other brothers, Ponochka values ​​friendship with Willie and considers him on a par with Dilly and Billy, his best friend. For his part, Willy is trying to support her: he persuades the brothers to take Ponochka with him to the Fanzo igrodrome, when Billy and Dilly did not want to take her, referring to the fact that she does not know how to behave outside the estate. Willy and Ponca later joined forces to find information about Della Duck. Only once they quarreled, but even then Ponochka was ready to sacrifice the investigation and the truth, for the sake of friendship with Willy, when he doubts, but in the end they reconcile and continue to move on to the solution.

Dilly duck
As with other brothers, Ponochka values ​​friendship with Dilly and considers him on a par with Willie and Billy, his best friend. Despite this, she is unhappy that when he “turns on Dilly,” they are in trouble. Dilly does not listen to her at first, however, after the attack of the Tota-Ra mummy, he changes his mind and agrees less often to “include Dilly”.

Billy duck
As with other brothers, Ponochka values ​​friendship with Billy and considers him on a par with Willy and Dilly, his best friend. Despite this, they argue about the existence of terra-fermians. Billy, trusting only scientifically proven facts, refuses to acknowledge their existence and Ponochka’s arguments are not taken seriously. He until then trusts the instructions of the Young Groundhog Encyclopedia and is so afraid of the unknown that he could endanger himself, but Ponochka convinces him to look fear in his eyes in time.

Ponochka and Lina are best friends. Together they enter the holiday of the Havs family and make a commotion there, after which they have to flee, hiding and constantly coming to each other’s help, they become close friends. And yet, when Lina was kidnapped, Ponochka is upset – because she wanted to make a best friend, but when she received a call for help, she realizes that Lina was caught, and she goes with triplets to save her friend. They manage to escape, quarreling Gavsov. Girls come up with the nickname “Sisters Gavs” and “chips” that the twins do not understand. Also in the series “Shadow War!” Lina becomes part of the Little Poncho.

Scrooge McDuck
Ponka is an ardent fan of Scrooge McDuck. She studied all the available information about the McDucks Clan, studied the biography of Scrooge himself up to his habits, so no one except Mrs. Cluvdia knows her quadrillionaire better than her. She knows all the enemies of Scrooge, with whom he was at enmity before and is at enmity. She uses every opportunity to go on a trip with him, once even bogging down after him in search of her grandmother. Scrooge himself is indulgent with Ponochka, and although she is not an official member of his family, he accepted it. Therefore, once harsh words spoken by Scrooge, although they hurt Ponochka, she is not capable of being angry with him, realizing that they were said against her will.

Mrs. Cluvdia
Mrs. Cluvdia, the only person left at Ponochka from her real family. That is why the grandmother in every possible way protected her granddaughter from the dangers of the outside world, teaching her hand-to-hand combat and espionage tricks. Ponka, although she does not like to be locked up, she still loves her grandmother and cannot sit at home when she disappears.

Interesting Facts
Ponochka is often compared to the Mabel Pines from the Alex Hirsch animated series Gravity Falls. They actually have many things in common, such as optimism, but there are many more differences.
Another similarity between the two characters is the cat hook.
Ponochka is absent in two episodes: “A terrible internship at Mark Kluvs” and “Caution: M.O.DUS!”, In two more it appears only for a few seconds.
Favorite trap Ponochki – pit with stakes, favorite drink – juice, storm – tropical cyclone with snow, color – pink.

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