Minnie Mouse
“God, Minnie, you have always been a princess for me” -Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse is a fictional character created in 1928 by Walt Disney. Minnie is an anthropomorphic mouse. She…

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Lina (born Lena) - a shadow that has taken on the appearance of a teenage girl and formed after the imprisonment of Magica De Hypnosis in the First coin of…

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Mickey Mouse. Great symbol of America
The official birthday of Mickey Mouse is unknown and moreover, it is not entirely clear who his parents were. According to one version, Mickey was the first to draw Walt…

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Willie duck

Wilford “Willy” Duck (Eng. Dewey Duck) – granddaughter of Scrooge MacDuck, twin brother of Billy and Dilly. One of the main characters in the animated series Duck Tales.

Willie is a duckling, almost a copy of her twin brothers Billy and Dilly.

Usually wears a blue T-shirt over a blue sweatshirt with long sleeves. Feathers on the head stick out in all directions.

Willie is the most restless of all three. He is an adventurer in his heart, dreams of becoming the same famous adventurer as his uncle Scrooge McDuck. The young duckling is full of enthusiasm, which often bothers him, as Willy rushes forward, not thinking about the danger to which he exposes himself. Over time, the young man nevertheless gains experience and begins to act not so rashly. Willie also values ​​the family: he is very offended by the words of Scrooge that “there are only problems from relatives”, but after the children show themselves in the fight against Pichu, all insults are forgotten. And after discovering the picture, Willy sets a goal to find out what happened to his mother.

Billy and Dilly Duck
Their relationship is like that of typical brothers – they often quarrel, but in trouble they stand behind each other by a mountain, and also spend a lot of time together. To protect the brothers from the truth, Willy is ready to hide the information he found about their mother to the last. And although he acts for good reasons, Billy and Dilly believe that their middle brother just likes to be special, but later realizing that the brothers provide all possible assistance in solving the problem, Willy devotes them to the details ..

Little Vanderkryak
The brothers are very friendly with Ponochka; they often play games together. But Willy treats her more condescendingly when Ponochka behaves strangely. He more often supports her than Billy or Dilly: so he persuades the brothers to take her with them to the Fanzo entertainment center when they did not want to take her. When Willy decides to unravel the mystery of Della’s disappearance, he turns to Ponochka for help, and they join forces to find a clue. They quarrel only once, but quickly reconcile. Most likely Willy will be with Ponochka.

With Lina Willy maintains friendly relations. Although he communicates with her less than with Ponochka, Lina is ready to help him when a shark eats him, let her do so so that Scrooge does not know about their sortie into the Vault. In the “War of Shadows,” Willy first comes to mind to find Lina, since only she can quietly get into the captured Vault, he later finds her diary. During the battle with Magic, Lina saves her life by sacrificing herself, not only Ponochka, but also Willie, who were close to death. Her courageous act allowed Willy to take possession of the First coin, while Ponochka attacked the sorceress, forcing to issue 10 cents.

Scrooge McDuck
At first, their relationship was tense: Willy wanted to become an equally experienced adventurer, so Scrooge’s unnecessary concern burdened him, but over time they found a common language and in many cases began to act together. Another major quarrel occurs when Scrooge finally tells the truth about the mother of the ducklings: his nephews accuse him of what happened, and when they find out how much effort and money Scrooge spent on the search. Willy, by virtue of his character, is softened by the very last, but still finds the strength in himself to reconcile with Scrooge when he is released from imprisonment in a coin.

Zigzag McCrack
Zigzag considers Willy his best friend, he often consults with the young man and spends more time with him than with the other twins. Willie also communicates with Zigzag more often than others, he can explain to him what is true and what is fiction, and it is Willie who tells Scrooge that Zigzag received the rights and asks to congratulate him. Zigzag, in turn, along with Ponochka, as they learn that Donald and his nephews intend to leave, come up with a plan to reconcile the family.

Interesting Facts
Willie is the only main character who currently appears in all episodes of season 1 of the series.
Billy was not in the episode “In pursuit of the coveted coin.”
Willy came up with the only child’s day celebration and planned it for several years.
Willie is the average of the triplets.
In secret from everyone, he invents and conducts his talk show.
Willie is a middle brother, born with the classic middle child syndrome.
Reminds Donald and Scrooge of his mother.
The only main character who became an antagonist for one series, joining the air pirates and leading them.
Willy’s middle name, Dingus, became known in the episode “Doomsday Vault Robbers.”
Mom (Della) wanted to call him “Turbo”
Intro: Duck Stories Screensaver
Mini episodes
“Meet Ponka Vanderkryak”
“Meet Mrs. Cluvdia”
“Donald Duck’s Birthday”
“The slowest trap in the world!”
“Top Favorite Monsters Ponochki”
“Willy’s Top Favorite Adventure”
1 season
All episodes

Season 2
“The most dangerous Night … of the Games!”
“Deep knowledge of cousin Laptley”
“A city where everyone was very polite”
“Crane in Duckburg!”
“Last Christmas”
“Treasure of the Lamp found”
“The decision for 87 cents”
The Golden Spear

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