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Scrooge McDuck

“I am Scrooge McDuck, I achieved everything myself being the most persistent of the most persistent, the most intelligent of the most intelligent, the most cunning of the most cunning!
– Scrooge about myself.”
Scrooge McDuck is a billionaire drake, one of the main characters in the animated series Duck Tales. Uncle Donald and Della Duck, cousin of Billy, Willie and Dilly Duck – sons of Della and nephews of Donald.
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He was once a greedy adventurer, but after a while he was tired of adventures and began to spend more time at home until his nephews returned his craving for adventure. Scrooge appreciates the dedication and hard work for his years, but remains quite able-bodied in old age. He wants to instill the values ​​of hard work and dedication to his nephews, as seen in the episode “Pursuit of the Treasured Coin.”

Strict, but at the same time kind Scrooge, assumes great responsibility in drawing up maps of his travels, using the knowledge accumulated over his years to keep himself safe and avoid problems. He is happy to pass on his knowledge to others, provided that they will listen.

Scrooge can also be quick-tempered, often due to the personal pilot of the Zigzag. Scrooge does not want to let Flinthart Glomgold become the richest drake and become the second in the list of rich.

It is shown that Scrooge has a selfish side, for example, when he never wanted to stop on the way to the top of Mount Neverrest, thereby putting children’s lives at risk. However, he then ultimately put the safety of other people over his own desires. It was because of selfishness that he could not save his niece Della from the ill-fated space voyage.

Scrooge is also very self-confident; bearing great pride in his experience and abilities that made him the legend that he is to this day.

Before the events of the series
Scrooge got a dime
Scrooge earned his first coin

Born around 1867 in Scotland from the marriage of Fergus McDuck and Doni O’Drake.

In 1877, Scrooge was a ten-year-old boy and worked in a shoe store in Glasgow. One day, Bert came up to him in dirty boots and asked Scrooge to wash his boots. Scrooge cleaned and cleaned until they began to sparkle. In turn, Burt paid Scrooge with one American ten-cent coin.

In fact, Bert went to Scrooge because of Fergus McDuck, who asked him to wash his son’s shoes in order to instill in young Scrooge selflessness and hard work.

Scrooge to America
Scrooge moves to America

Proud of how he received his first coin, Scrooge decided to move to the United States of America, where he would eventually gain his fortune.

In America, Scrooge met Goldie O’Gild. They both embarked on a series of adventures, including a trip to the Gobi Deserts, a battle with Portuguese pirates and a flight over the Himalayas. During the Klondike Gold Rush, Scrooge and Goldie together searched for the golden lagoon of the white-suffering plains. Goldie wanted to steal a card from Scrooge, but a mammoth attacked them, and the second half of the card got stuck between the mammoth’s teeth. Trying to escape from the wild beast, they both became walled up in the ice. After 5 years, the ice floe where Goldie was melted and she fled, leaving Scrooge in the ice for another 10 years with a broken heart.

75 years before the events of the series, Scrooge became a millionaire and wanted to mark this incident, having accomplished something that no one had ever done before – climb to the top of Mount Neverest. He hired the famous climber George Kryakwell, who managed to go farthest to lead his expedition to the mountain. Quackwell cruelly mocked the newcomer. At the moment when they hung over the abyss, tied together, George ordered that the equipment be thrown, but Scrooge did not want to part with the backpack, then Kryakvel treacherously cut the rope, leaving the young adventurer to the mercy of fate. For which Scrooge was nicknamed “the slacker from Neverrest.”

Scrooge was a very enterprising, sociable and courageous person, even in his older years. Some of his exploits include: defeating the Stone Giant, making a statue of his foot, learning the secret of Chupacabra and learning to swim in a pile of gold. He spent an indefinite amount of time in the eternal dimension of the demons of the Demogorgan. In 1956, he caught a unicorn and locked it in a secret vault.
Young Scrooge, freelance agent
McDuck Estate

In the 1960s, the young Scrooge McDuck was recruited by Sh. to complete the task together with Agent 22. Prior to that, he became famous for catching the Jack the Terrifier, who was holding all of London in fear, which attracted the attention of the organization to himself. Ludwig von Drake introduces partners to the essence of the task: it is necessary to stop the agent V.A.O.N. – The Black Heron, who planned to create a super-soldier with the help of a super-jumping potion and to buy a page from the Great Book of the Ancients at auction.

Then Scrooge again returned to the adventure, but with his nephews – Della and Donald Duck.

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