Character Disney

Clumsy, unintelligent, infantile, and truly stupid are just a few of the words that goofy can describe. But despite all this, he is extremely kind and caring. Mickey and Donald…

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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse) is a cartoon anthropomorphic mouse created by Walt Disney and Ab Iverks in 1928. Perhaps this is now the most popular hero. Mickey is the mascot…

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Beginning of the Mickey Mouse era
After the loss of Oswald, Disney had no choice but to come up with a new star for his cartoons. So the famous mouse Mickey Mouse was born (“Mortimer Mouse…

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Superheroes Wholesale

The first Marvel comics appeared back in 1937. Since then, the company has been resold several times and, as a rule, unsuccessfully. In 1996, Marvel filed for bankruptcy. The owners of Toy Biz toy company Avi Arad and Ike Perlmutter decided to save the drowning brand. The two reorganized the Marvel business so successfully that ten years later, Disney paid $ 4.6 billion for it.
Disney with its princesses has always been considered more “a company for girls,” and traditionally there were very few heroes that boys might like. What did Avi and Ike come up with? First, they began selling licenses for the use of popular Marvel characters. They were bought by television and film studios, manufacturers of clothing, goods for schoolchildren and toys. In total, several thousand licenses were Continue reading

Life after death

In 1968, Disney was awarded the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal. There is also a widespread version of the multiplier freezing in a cryogenic chamber, which he went to in the hope of finding a method for defrosting the human body in the distant future.
His place was taken by brother Roy, who ran the Walt Disney Company until 1971. After his death, the company was headed by three people – Card Walker, Donn Tatum and Ron Miller, whom the Disney brothers had already begun to prepare for leadership. Walt Disney left to his successors many projects and ideas that he did not manage to realize himself.
The gradual implementation of Walt’s ideas allowed the company two more decades to maintain its leading place in the global entertainment industry, won during the life of the founder. And in recent years, the company has also grown seriously, having bought several companies that were famous for their unique individual style – Pixar, Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm. Millions of fans watched in horror, expecting Disney to ruin everything they bought, take humor, violence and true romance from their favorite works. In reality, everything turned out to be not so bad.
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Disneyland series

In 1954, the Disney Company began to produce television programs, becoming one of the pioneers of first black and white, and then color television in the United States. The first television hit from Disney was the Disneyland series, which, having changed its name several times, lasted 29 years on the screens of America, and it was shown exclusively in prime time. A year later, the debut of the famous Mickey Mouse Club show took place, in which many future stars of American show business took their first steps.

However, gradually the talent of Walt Disney became closely within the film and television business. A new field for activity was suggested to him by his father’s experience. Walking with his daughters, Walt often went to zoos, carnivals, and other entertainment events. While the children rode on the carousels, the father Continue reading

Beginning of the Mickey Mouse era

After the loss of Oswald, Disney had no choice but to come up with a new star for his cartoons. So the famous mouse Mickey Mouse was born (“Mortimer Mouse called him first, but my wife Lillian didn’t like this name, and she offered to name him Mickey. I couldn’t refuse her such a trifle – that’s how Mickey Mouse came into being, which brought worldwide fame to my company, ”Disney recalled.), suspiciously looking like his eldest brother rabbit. Disney himself and the main artist of his studio, Ab Iverks, took part in its creation.
However, the studio could not sell the first two cartoons with the participation of Mickey Mouse: they were dumb, and sound already came to the cinema. Cartoons were created quite quickly for the studios of that time, in addition, we must not forget that the Disney studio was partly artisanal. As soon as sound cinema appeared in 1927, Walt immediately adopted the experience of his fellow cinematographers and began voicing cartoons. The third film of the series (already with sound) was released on November 18, 1928, and this day marked the beginning of the Continue reading

History of the Walt Disney Company

The story of the Walt Disney Company began back in 1901 on December 5, when the fourth of five children, Walter Elias, was born into the family of a carpenter and teacher.
When Walt was 4 years old, the Disney family moved to the small town of Marceline, Missouri. Disney bought a farm there. The family did not have money for pencils and paper, and Walt wanted to draw. He found tar, a stick and painted a house …
In Marceline, many knew Walt. He was distinguished by a cheerful disposition, so his neighbors and just acquaintances loved him very much. One of the neighbors, an elderly veteran, Dr. Sherwood, paid Walt 25 cents for the boy to draw his horse on a piece of paper. Disney later believed that it was the successful portrait of Dr. Sherwood’s mare that prompted him to become an artist.
Walt since childhood showed interest in drawing, and began his first comics at the age of seven. Young Walt participated in the creation of the school newspaper as an artist and photographer, and in the evenings he attended the Academy of Fine Arts. Then he took a course of newspaper cartoonists, where he was taught non-standard thinking, funny violations of familiar logic and laconic manner. Continue reading

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